Discover The #Dirtypigs movement's own Cryptocurrency called $PIG. This Whitepaper details the Specifications Data Sheet (SDS) of the #DIRTYPIGS project.

$PIG Smart Contract

The cryptocurrency "Dirtypigs" known as $PIG runs on the ETH blockchain. Check out our verified Token Address and underlying data.

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Contract Name
Symbol +Click to add to wallet
Max Supply
1,000,000,000 *9 digits decimals: 1,000,000,000.000000000
Contract Address


$PIG Tokens left to issue to buyers & community: 1,000,000,000 Creator still owns: 100.0%
1 PIG : $1 USD *Unit Pegged during Airdrop to USD value of purchase *Price will change after ICO to equivalent liquidity staked in USD for withdrawal
HODLers Reward
Transaction Tax
Burn Tax
Can Burn
Can Mint
Can Pause
NFTs Minted
$1.5M * Amount of $ USD the founding Pigs have invested in creating #DirtyPigs.
Do Good Everyday Campaign
20% * Amount of $PIG that will be given away to charitable causes before an ICO.
Liquidity & Locking
20% * Amount of $PIG that will be locked before an ICO for investor's peace of mind and to reduce "pump & dumps" by the very bad banished filthy pigs.
* These are the blockchains we have minted on so far.
Summary of Fee Distribution

1% of transaction Tax

1% of token burnt

5% tax distributed to existing token holders

Example Send 100 tokens, the receiver gets 93 tokens.
Breakdown: 1 token is sent to the creator address, 1 token burnt, 5 tokens distributed to existing token holders



We use a class of machine learning framework called generative adversarial network (GAN) to generate algorithmically and mint thousands of NFTs on the Ethereum Block Chain with proof of ownership! This takes over 200 design trait layers that we pigs carefully craft to make a curated batch of Digital Avatar permutations that become limited edition collectibles.



When you buy a NFT made by #Dirtypigs, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a rare piece of art. You are gaining access to a privileged club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time as we launch our plans on the roadmap ahead. Your collectible will serve as your digital identity, and give you access to a whole new world, only possible thanks to blockchain tech.

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#DirtyPigs NFTs are built around an exclusive membership-only community of our collectible owners who have special access to various programs that bring life to their Avatars. You will have privileged access to take your Avatar identities from beyond the digital world, into multiple realms and programs for example print on demand clothing and accessories, games, Digital 3D models and much more.

#DirtyPigs team consists of 6 highly respected influencers with a collective count of over 15M followers that champion brand awareness.

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The actual images of our NFTs are too large to store on the blockchain, so we took a hash of the composite image of all the generated digital art permutations and embedded it into the smart contract.

You can verify that the NFTs being managed by the Ethereum contract are the one and only true motherf*cking official genuine legitimate art crafted by Dirtypigs by calculating an SHA256 hash on the collectible image and comparing it to the hash stored in the smart contract. Dirtypigs NFTs are almost an ERC20 token.



Jokes aside, #Dirtypigs is a brand inherently focused on making positive impact to the world we want to live in. That's why each collection is attributed to a cause that will receive partial proceeds realised from all NFT sales.

Here are some of the inequalities and injustices we are committed to tackling:


We make it easy for you to purchase our NFTs by accepting multiple forms of payment!
Buy with USD on our site or with your native/bridged crypto wallet balance on our website or the marketplaces we are listed on.

NFTs that are accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


$PIG Cryptocurrency

$PIG is pegged to the USD during airdrop. 1 $PIG : $1 USD

Every NFT owner receives an airdrop of the USD equivalent value of their purchase in $PIG as an early investor when buying direct.

$PIG owners get a HODLer's fee of 1% from every transaction.

A planned ICO to allow long term trading on exchanges.

Your NFT purchase would be free once the deflationary 1 $PIG exceeds 1 USD.

$PIG runs on the ETH blockchain. Check out our verified Token Address.

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The entire #Dirtypigs eco-system, tech and backend A.I. and operational system is custom built for one purpose, to meet and fulfil our journey detailed in The Whitepaper.

We write our own code, design our own NFTs, manage our own servers, build our own software and personally serve all our buyers!

Our custom built A.I. manages all incoming payments, orders, communication, automation rules and delivers your purchases and airdropped $PIG to your wallets by working alongside over 20 cryptocurrency blockchains.

All our activity is transparent auditable and available for scrutiny on our smart contracts across their relevant blockchains. Our work is stored on decentralised blockchains so that it lives on beyond us.


We pioneered innovation and re-thinking in the blockchain space

  • #First NFT project to allow minters to choose which NFT they want to mint and view traits. Total control over which art becomes theirs instead of a random luck-of-the-draw process.
  • #First NFT project to allow buyers to choose which chain to mint on, and tech to burn and swap chains to follow the market trends - save on gas fee’s
  • #First NFT Marketplace to support Influencers, Businesses & Organisations to launch their NFT brands using a turn key solution, bringin a web3 experience to their communities to buy their NFTs.
  • #First NFT apparel brand to launch its product range to the masses with online Retailers Google, FRUUGO, CDON, Zalando and more


#DirtyPigs has ongoing collaborations in the works with some of the biggest artists out there. HODLers will periodically receive free special edition NFTs as released from these works.

Money raised as a result of royalties from secondary sales will go directly to earmarked charities agreed by the community prior to launch.


Merge web3 and real-life with High-Street - First NFT brand building a metaverse store in the universe - Amsterdam’s Main Street and in The SandBox Metaverse. Bringin NFTs and influencer designed apparel to the web2 retail shoppers


Check out our various verified Smart Contract Addresses on the Blockchain networks.

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Browse our collections on our metaverse, e-commerce marketplace. Each collection is machine learning-powered generative art in collaboration with international organisations and top, industry renowned influencers.
  • The Top Motherf*cking NFT Collections
  • Suicidal Talibans
  • Trumpinos
  • Sexy Grandmas
  • Hairy Vaginas
  • DodgyDoms
  • Son of a Pig
  • CryptoBitches
  • Laundering Rascal Stamps
  • The Dogellionaire
  • Pigasso
  • Pirate Pigs
  • Silly Santas
  • Right Click Save
  • Ape This!
  • EscrowBat
  • Twitter Standoff
  • The LoveChain NFT Collection - Valentine's Edition
  • The Premier League of Pigs

The Dogellionaire

Doggies, Together, Strong!

#732 Minted @dirtypigs_io NOW MINTING

Hairy Vaginas

What's not to like?

#204 Minted @dirtypigs_io NOW MINTING

The LoveChain NFT Collection - Valentine's Edition

Love is Non Fungible!

#1 Minted @the_lovechain NOW MINTING

Kingdom of Pigs

Team Piglets


King Pig

Serial Entrepreneur

Founder, an entrepreneur with numerous successful brands in tech, robotics, real estate, e-commerce and tourism. Full-stack developer, designer, inventor. A "Fuck it let's do it" kind of Pig.




Pig Wizard and Alchemist. Seeing this #DirtyPig is a rare, welcome sight as he spends his days in the background, creating magic and building the empire with King Pig.



Queen Pig / Luna PR

Our queen of crypto & blockchain space, has worked alongside some of the largest companies in the fintech space and launched her own public relations and marketing agency, Luna PR.



Queen Pig II / Luna PR

Director of Operations at Luna PR. Full-stack digital marketing agency that empowers ambitious businesses spanning 5 continents. Passionate about storytelling, virtual design, and tech.



Princess Pig / Luna PR

Senior Project Manager at Luna PR. Full-stack digital marketing agency that empowers ambitious businesses spanning 5 continents. Passionate about storytelling, virtual design, and tech.


Mark Rise

Chief 2D Design Pig

Superstar illustration and graphic artist. Worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Mark is an award winning vectors and illustrative art designer who crafted our premier collections.


Mark Perry

Chief 3D Design Pig

The wizard of 3 Dimensional magic. Our designer extraordinaire, if it moves, it was made by this Irish bloke who is a wiz at product design, 3D printing and mechanical engineering!



Tsar of 3D Pigs

One of our oldest most loyal pigs and our guru wizards of 3 Dimensional magic. There is nothing he can't model, makes witch potion and hacks of 3D renders like no other!



Design SuperBot

Design studio with extraordinary superpig abilities. Worked with some of the biggest brands in Asia. Felic Studio looks after our "Alter Ego" projects with an incredible passion for ludicrousy.


Piqo Design

Design Schemas

Design studio with a diverse team and incredible experience in design magic. Collection development for the #dirtypigs eco-system.



Blockchain Guru

Sitting in his little cage, he creates the blockchain magic so that you can indulge in whatever the f*ck this is. Expert in numerous blockchain programming languages that we chose to interact with.



#Dirtypigs Movement & Ambassador

Influencer & Brand Ambassador, wears #Dirtypigs Mankinis all day and shares the brand's apparel vision with the masses. Over 200,000 passionate followers are mad enough to follow this Dane.



#Dirtypigs Movement & Ambassador

Influencer & Brand Ambassador, wears #Dirtypigs sexy outfits all day and shares the brand's apparel vision with the masses. Over 200,000 passionate followers are mad enough to follow this Dane.



#Dirtypigs Community

Discord and community wizard that manages all the autobots, audits chaos within the #dirtypigs Mudroom and Sty. Join Discord to become part of our madness.



#Dirtypigs SocialFi

Social media lunatic that manages all the interactions and piglets and all their glorious chaos. Responsible for all the "bad" dirty press!



#Dirtypigs SocialFi

Discord community whip. Rising through the ranks as a piglet, strong communicator and a real badass #dirtyPig when he needs to be!



#DirtyPigs is an NFT project that takes a radical approach and pushes boundaries in NFT innovation, providing value to its community and the charitable causes it supports. Collections are determinate and provoking to highlight hypocrisy and irony, with an outcome to build a movement that does good, everyday from its proceeds.

Mar, 21 - T1

Father and Mother Dirtypigs got drunk, messed around and had naughty babies.

August, 21 - T2

The first NFT collection launch for early adopters

Sept, 21 - T3

Allow direct purchases with FIAT & CRYPTO and send Transfers of NFT to wallets.

Oct, 21 - T4

$PIG Cryptocurrency is born, NFT owners entitled to rewards when purchasing onsite to equivalent value of payment.

Dec, 21 - T5

The #dirtypigs movement: Deployment of order-on-demand custom clothing gear for NFT owners. Allow your followers to purchase similar NFT branded gear and earn royalties from their purchase automatically.

Mar, 22 - T6

3D motion Avatar collections

May, 22 - T7

Community designed digital game identity avatars and more. Plug-in, play, bet, win and earn $PIG.

Dec, 21 - T8

MINT to ANY CHAIN! We are disrupting the way you see minting, imagine if you can mint any NFT first time to any chain of your chosing, and that becomes the NFT's destiny for ever! Mint on ETH, SOL, ADA, IMX, POLYGON, BSC and more! You are in control of how each collection gets distributed.

Dec, 21 - T9

BURN & SWAP MAGIC: Imagine if you can burn your NFT on one chain, and move it to another chain! Everybody gets a chance to change their NFT's minting chain and move to another (we burn to our custodian wallet), giving you absolute control of which marketplace best suits your needs and follow the trend.

May, 22 - T10

The NFT Avatar "SONG". Every NFT will be converted to an audio file by our A.I. from its DNA to create a unique soundscape attached to the asset with various use cases.

Jul, 22 - T11

The #Dirtypigs NFT art gallery & apparel store in Amsterdam & Paris.

Jul, 22 - T12

$PIG Cryptocurrency goes for an ICO to launch on global markets and enable trading on numerous exchange platforms. Your NFT purchase would be free when $PIG exceeds $1 USD.

Feb, 22 - T13

Metaverse to Universe! Launch of the #dirtypigs retail store in the "Metaverse". By apparel in the virtual world, take delivery to your door in the physical world.

Oct, 22 - T14

Portions of $PIG Cryptocurrency on achievement of 10x NFT floor price growth is donated to various good causes that were affiliated with the traded collections.

Dec, 22 - T15

The ZERO C movement, once 100,000 NFT owners target is reached, #Dirtypigs will organised annual mass digital events for the community to draw attention to the impending issue of climate change and the importance of reducing carbon emissions.
One tree will be planted for every NFT bought, in the "Sea of Pigs" with locations chosen by the community in collaboration.

Feb, 22 - T16

Exclusive collaborations with major celebrities to create their "ALTER EGO" NFTs for fans to purchase. Existing #Dirtypig NFTs and $PIG holders will receive special access and discounted prices to each Mint prior to public sale.


1 $PIG : $1 USD
Record of all $PIG paid out to #Dirtypigs NFT owners that purchased direct! Results of the last 1000 transactions
See all transactions on the ETH Blockchain $PIG
$PIG Airdropped
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