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We made our NFT collections extremely easy and accessible for anyone to purchase. Buy in FIAT or over 20 cryptocurrencies of your choice directly on our site.

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#3A Click on MINT WITH METAMASK button (make sure you have Metamask installed on your browser), Approve order and wait. the page will reload to confirm your purchase automatically.


#3A During checkout, provide your NFT wallet address you want to receive your asset on. This must be a compatible blockchain as shown to where the NFT was minted.

Provide your Airdrop ERC20 Ethereum wallet address where you will receive the $PIG free, equivalent to the value of your purchase in USD. 1 PIG : $1 USD

Provide the wallet address from where you will make a payment from in your selected cryptocurrency of payment. This must be accurate as we will use this to verify that payment was received in order to send your NFT to your previously provided wallet.

Make the Payment to our wallet address provided from your wallet address mentioned in previous step.

We will keep checking every few seconds for the payment. Once it arrives, you will receive an email and our NFT transfer process along with the airdrop will begin. You will receive your purchase within a few hours automatically.

You will receive your purchase within a few hours automatically.

Hold or trade your NFTs on any platform that supports the blockchain it was minted on.

Gain special access to all the benefits of being a #DirtyPigs owner.

If you want receive and trade NFTs on the blockchains they are minted on, you can easily obtain your own wallets on custodial wallets like MetaMask or TrustWallet, or use your wallet addresses provided by exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.